The Liberal Lifestyle Olympics - (Burqas Backyard)  Sunday March 3, 2002
The Liberal Lifestyle Olympics were opened with a MARCH PAST  in front of the officials, for judging and awarding of points. Music -TUSK by Fleetwood Mac .
Then assembly in front of mini Harbour Bridge to sing
"My Christmas Island Home" followed by the entry of Olympic flame and the lighting of Olympic BBQ

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John Howard was lying about the the asylum seekers throwing their children overboard so they
would have to be rescued and therefore given asylum in Australia. These traumatized desperate
people were then labeled "Queue Jumpers" because of their 'alleged, unsubstantiated and total disproved' baby throwing antics, they had bypassed the 'correct' procedure to come to Australia.
John Howard did nothing to correct this scandalous information promoted by his minister Phillip
Ruddoch. Instead his silence can only point to his collaboration in whipping up the Australian
public into xenophobic fear of someone capable of sacrificing their children to gain refugee status.
These terrible queue jumpers and potential terrorists were then detained.
Another policy implemented to 'deal' with the fictitious 'deluge' of asylum seekers was
the Pacific Solution.
John Howard maintained that he was not apologising or in particular saying the word "sorry' to the Aboriginal Nation.
n the middle of a third term under John Howard' s Liberal Government and with the seeming
acceptance of his blatant lying by media and public alike it was just too much. Release was
necessary and L.A.S.H. during the Friday night evening meetings conceived of a way to speak
out about the hypocrisy and  socially responsible feebleness that seemed  to be the status quo.
The Liberal Lifestyle Olympics were conceived event by event until finally the date was set and
the invitations issued, calling back the teams from the
2040 Olympics and Formal Olympics  
extending the invitation to new teams to join. The venue was Callan Park Oval in the Grounds
of the former and still working Callan Park Mental Hospital, now referred to as Rozelle Hospital (a decidedly appropriate venue) and the date was the  Sunday March 3, 2002.
he events for the day were based on recent and current political  issues that needed realigning.