Homeward Bound 2003

 Kudos Gallery & Downing Street The Samplers The Allures
The Brides The Housewives The Aspiration Packages

Homeward Bound was held at Kudos Gallery, Napier Street, Paddington from February 25 to March 1 and then in the
Downing Street display windows, Liverpool street from March 2 to March 29.

Homeward Bound Thesis Abstract:

Discovering and exploring the nature of paradox would be the underlying area of interest and impetus for my art practice.  An interest in the paradox inherent in Dutch seventeenth century Still life vanitas painting has developed into a more general concern with the paradoxical nature of the commodity.  Of particular influence is the Marxist explanation of a culture steeped in commodification producing art, which is self-defeating and self-negating. It is precisely by acknowledging and exploiting this paradox that an opportunity for critique is available in my art practice.  In this M.F.A exhibition entitled “Homeward Bound”, I propose the idea of the artwork and culture as a commodity, and aim to pose questions regarding hypostatic social constructs (such as ‘a happy childhood’,’ a good education’, ‘a safe neighourhood’, ‘a good marriage’) in order to refresh and create paths to better comprehension of our social and cultural situation.  I have chosen to use the construct of ‘a good marriage’ as the vehicle to investigate the paradox of the commodity. I represent notions of ownership and property by conflating the image and discourse of the female form with the discourse of and domestic architecture and the home, in other words emotional desires and physical real estate.